UWIN_3D Print Club is a University of Windsor based 3D printing club. Our goal is to promote the concepts and practices of 3D Printing, as well as to facilitate an educational hands-on experience via workshops and events to those with an interest in 3D printing. Our 3D technician is on hand during lab hours to help you troubleshoot your 3D models, printed prototypes, fixing problems in a 3D scan and getting them ready for 3D printing. We are also here to help you get more familiarized with the entire 3D printing pipeline. Join us in exploring this awesome new process of getting concepts from digital to reality.

    Nicolas de Cosson

    3D Printing Specialist and Manager

    I am very passionate about 3D printing and have a great depth of knowledge and experience in both 3D modeling and 3D printing. I cant wait to meet you and help you along the way.

    Check out my blog at ndecosson.ca


    Members and Volunteers!

    We cant wait to meet you! Join us twice a week to help troubleshoot your projects; getting them from concept to reality!